"I wouldn’t mind checking on my mom."

The mother of Benny was a widow who lived in Benny's hometown.

Biography Edit

Sometime in her life, she married a man with whom she had her son, Benny. When he was about ten years old, his father died, leaving his mother a widow, after which time she presumbly raised Benny on her own[1]. She continued to live in their hometown, even after her son moved to River's Edge to get a job working at the local mills, which he was unable to keep.

She was still alive by 2007, when the local area was attacked by man-eating "bees," during which time Benny hoped to be able to check on her.

Relationships Edit

Husband Edit

She married Benny's husband some point in her life, though he died several years afterward, leaving her a widow.

Benny Edit

Not much is known about her relationship with her son, but he cared enough about her to wonder how she was doing when he thought she might be in danger.

Appearances Edit

  • Dead Meat, (Chapter 22: The Dentist is In) (Mentioned only)

Notes and references Edit

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