The prologue was the first entry of Dead Meat.

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In the town of River's Edge, the local newspaper, the River's Edge Dispatch, reports of rodents and other pests swarming in the downtown area. Many of the animals are emaciated, and the local animal health department is worried about rabies, with Dr. Phillip Waxman advising citizens of the industrial district to stay indoors and limit travel to the hours of daylight.

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This section was taken from River's Edge Dispatch (real)

This is the Dispatch. This is a blog dedicated to the on going story DEAD MEAT.

Consider this the behind the scenes feature of your favorite DVD. Here I will be discussing ideas and showing my notes about DEAD MEAT. For an example: How did I come up with the idea for this story? Well... A friend and I were talking, like many do, about if zombies infested our town, state, country or world, what would we do. How did you come up with the title for the story? That's a good question. When I think of a traditional zombie I picture one with its hands full of fresh straight from the bone flesh. I picture him standing with the meat to his mouth chowing down. Zombies are the walking dead. So I basically put the two images together and you get DEAD MEAT. And I urge you the readers to ask any questions you'd like about the story and I'll answer them the best I can without giving away any plot. So now on to what the story's actually about.

DEAD MEAT is an ongoing story about the infestation of zombies in the small town of River's Edge. Through the eyes of Gavin, radio broadcasts and news articles we witness the destruction of River's Edge and the lives of the people living there. As we follow Gavin we find he will take us beyond the city and into Hell.

I will be posting on the Dispach as much if not mor that DEAD MEAT. So take a gander and tell me what you think, there or here.