"We don't exactly come from some palace."
Gavin Murphy on River's Edge[src]

River's Edge is a small town, so named because it is on the edge of a river. It is surrounded by seventy miles of woods, with only two roads leading out of it.

History Edit

Early History Edit

"This has been Rickett land for generations."

River's Edge is likely an older town, or at least the nearby area has been settled for quite a long time; Old Man Rickett, who lived just outside its borders claims that the surrounding woodland has been owned by his family for generations.

Recent History Edit

"If it's a swarm like you say, let's kill some bees."

On April 5th, 2007, the local newspaper, the River's Edge Dispatch, reported an infestation of rodents and other pests in the downtown area, near the mills. Days later, the military was sent to allegedly "help" the problem, and around the same time, the virus carried by many of the pests spread to human residents, turning them into cannibilistic monsters who travel in swarms, and who are nicknamed "bees" for this reason. Families who survived the catastrophe attempted to escape, but many were stopped and killed by the soldiers, and the town was put under quarantine.

Location Edit

River's Edge is located near the neighboring towns of Brightmoor and Lincoln, both of which are accesible through a few hours of driving.

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