Tonight's Entertainment is the fourth entry in Dead Meat.

Summary Edit

While Benny and Gavin are listening, they here one of the ghouls banging on the shop window below them, and, turning down the radio, they look down from the roof and see a diseased woman banging the glass with a rock. It finally breaks and she falls in, cutting herself viciously on the shards of glass. After several minutes, they decide she is dead. Benny suggests the leave town, but Gavin reminds him that the town is surrounded by 70 miles of woods and the two roads out of town are shut down.

Realizing they need more supplies, Benny decides they had a few miles away from where they are now, to a store called Wonder Mart. Deciding to go to that store and then take a nearby river out of town, the men are surprised to hear a noise from below. Looking back to the ground below, they see the woman has gotten back up, skin sliding off and bowels falling out.

Terrified, Benny orders that they leave the town now, knowing that something messed up is going on.

Author's Comments Edit

Guys, what's up?

Just posted the latest chapter "Tonight’s Entertainment". and I'd like to talk about it for a min.

So, I'm guessing you've already read from the beginning, right? Well a couple of people were asking "where's the Gore? It's a zombie story damn it!". Well It's not that type Gore only fest. There will be gore and when there is it will be worth it. I put the woman in this situation basically to hopefully shut those readers. Also I wanted to confuse the main character Gavin for a bit. I wanted him to get worried for the woman just long enough to think about seeing if she was ok. Is she a survivor looking for supplies? Maybe not.

That's basically all I wanted to say. chris.